MONDO VULLO’s illustrations recipe :


– an idea
– a large range of beautiful background colours
– some nice fonts
– some geometric shapes with sharp lines
– a large dose of “vintage” influences (art deco, pop art, etc…)
– the same dose of modernity (digital)
– a touch of humor, or a play on words
– a spark of Rock ‘n Roll culture


– an illustrator (choose an old one with big glasses and sideburns)
– sheets of paper and sketchbooks
– roller ball pens, felts and coloured pencils
– a mouse with a small apple on its back
– a computer with the same small apple and design software inside
– a very good printing company (choose a local one)


  1. With the assortment of pens and pencils, get your idea onto a sheet of paper
    or into a sketch book before it flies away.
  2. Then sit in front of the computer screen with the mouse in your right hand
    and keep clicking for as long as necessary. (it might be a very very long time…)
  3. Be sure you make good use of all the ingredients listed above,
    taking care to get the right mix of retro and modern.
  4. Then your illustration will appear – sooner or later – for you to send to your very good printer.
  5. Serve up on posters, postcards, aprons, doormats…
    or any other object of your choice !